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*Most important public notice*


Jan 8, 2024

*Most important public notice*

It is to inform to all that residential property having total area 66.9 1 square metre khasra number 331 situated at Village and pargana jawalapur tahsil and district Haridwar is owned by my client smt Mamta Chauhan w/o Shri Rakesh Kumar Chauhan r/o
Village & pargana jawalapur tahsil and district Haridwar and regarding his above property one below mentioned original sale deed has actually been lost/misplaced.sale deed dated 04/10/2005 regd. at s. r. Office . Haridwar.at bahi no .1 zild 1, zild 1649, page. 353_356 on. No, 8192 on dated 04/10/2005 executed by Shri Shashi mohan s/o Shiri gangadhar kaushik in favour of Shiri Dinesh Kumar Gupta s/o Shri atmaram and the above noted one orginal sale deeds have actually been lost / misplaced somewhere so if any person society bank, institution/s claims. Any right/title/interest regarding said lost to original sale deeds and/or property. And has any abjection then they should inform the undersigned within 7 days
*Manish Raj Verma, advocate , Haridwar mobile number 9917700033*

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